Hospitality and friendliness

The Staff

Evangelista Restaurant is a happy and relaxed working environment and this is what the team hopes to convey to guests. The staff prides itself on friendly, efficient service and every member of the team is proud of where they work.

The main thing we do here at Evangelista Resturant for atmosphere is the staff. We try to get that balance between professionalism and care and being attentive without being stiff and overbearing. We’re there when the guests need us, and when we’re not, we’re stood back keeping an eye.

Team Management

Adele Mazzoni, the beating heart of the Evangelista Restaurant, comes from thirty years of experience at the historic Roman restaurant that bears his father's name. Adele has always offered high quality cuisine at affordable prices.

“It is not easy to summarize in a few words the 30 years of my activity, plus the long activity of my family. First, there is a love for what I'm doing, that I consider not just a job, but also a way of life. The center is the great value of hospitality, because the customer must always be in his element here. Secondly, I like to emphasize that I have picked up the baton from my mother, in a kitchen totally made by women. Finally, what links my recipes are the tradition, the high quality of raw materials, and their seasonality, making for everyday surprises.”

"Adele Mazzoni.
Chef and Patronne, Evangelista Restaurant

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What customers says

  • My Evangelista photos weren't so good, but the food was excellent. I started with the famous squashed artichoke appetizer, my DC had gnocchi w/fungi porcini, secondi included pasta w/fresh anchovies & pine nuts, roasted beef w/potatoes, dessert was a pear & almond tart.

    Celeste -
  • This is a quaint restaurant on the underground level with typically great food. The owner (a woman) came out and spoke with our party and was very friendly. The rest of her staff was very professional and welcoming. Not a loud, bustling place by any means. So what can I offer that doesn't apply to 90% of the restaurants in Rome...? THE BOAR! Awesome.

    THE BOAR! Awesome!-
  • Cafe Evangelista in Rome, Italy is close to artichoke heaven but just outside the gates. Most of the dishes are artichoke-based and excellent.

    Artichoke specialty restaurant -
  • Dinner at Evangelista’s should include the house specialty, carciofi al mattone . This crepe-like dish is made by frying the fully opened artichoke under two hot bricks, mattone. Another outstanding choice here is vignarola, a Roman spring vegetable dish made from fresh fava beans, artichokes and peas. We eat outside; the street was quiet and the tables are well-protected from passers-by, of which there were few, with a row of planters filled with bamboo. This is truly a local spot; we were the only Americans in the place.

    Von Otter -