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Evangelista Restaurant is a happy and relaxed working environment and this is what the team hopes to convey to guests. The staff prides itself on friendly, efficient service and every member of the team is proud of where they work.

Special Event

Some evenings the Evangelista has opportunities not to be missed! The restaurant changes its look as it prepares to host theme nights, small conferences, art and photo exhibitions, book presentations, and wine tastings.

Cuisine to go

Perfect for lunch or dinner, family and friends meetings and office events. Evangelista deliveries make any event’s meal planning stress-free. Evagelista Catering continues our commitment to create delicious and genuine cuisine and brings it right to your door.


Tradition comes first in this restaurant—after 60 years it still keeps its passion for handcrafted cuisine. Evangelista is considered to be one of the most authentic food experiences in The Eternal City.



  • A spectacular artichoke dish is the only reason to visit Evangelista, an old-timer done up as a smartly modern boîte. Most of the food we tried was lackluster, but the amazing house specialty, carciofi al mattone, makes this a must stop for aficionados of that thistle. Appearing as a bronze, crepelike disk, this riff on the artichoke alla giudea is made by frying the fully opened artichoke under a weight — traditionally a brick, or mattone — so that it emerges crackling crisp outside, yet meltingly tender within. That, plus a pasta like pappardelle with porcini and a glass of wine would make a satisfying lunch before a walk through the nearby Ghetto or along the Tiber.

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  • The dishes are typically Roman, so are wonderfully heavy and fattening! However, there are also other dishes such as Sicilian specialities. In summer there is the traditional parmigiana, or pasta with aubergines, almonds and ricotta cheese. The vegetables follow the seasons with the exception of artichokes, which are available all year round. The desserts and ice creams are homemade. The subdued lighting and comfortable seating make for an elegant interior.

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  • Evangelista has hosted a selection of illustrious persons: heads of state, future popes (Karol Wojtyla when he was Archbishop of Krakow), VIP from politics and entertainment world. But the beauty is that you should not certainly be famous to feel pampered and treated with every respect. Adele is customer satisfaction oriented, she is devoted to them like perfect house owner in the kitchen as in the dining room.

    Roma and Lazio Restaurants Guide,La Repubblica

    by Giuseppe Cerasa. class=
  • A restaurant that never disappoints. A menu that is constantly evolving, thanks to the creativity of Adele, always attentive to customer requests and seasonality, with an eye compared to some typical local ingredients and the Roman-Abruzzi tradition that has always characterized the kitchen.

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  • This beautifully kept restaurant has a classic ambience. It is named after the family that founded it more than 50 years ago, and is still run by the same family. The cuisine is Mediterranean in style with dishes such as carciofi al mattone (artichokes cooked following a secret recipe), as well as a selection of typical Roman recipes.

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