Our Seasonal Menu


The Evangelista tradition aims to support and receive the freshest products from different italian regions. We are continuously striving to offer our customers the very best, therefore we proudly serve seasonal menù. We always search for good and healthy food, with an attraction to niche products.


    “Carciofi al mattone” -v-
    - Roast artichokes cooked between two hot bricks (e. 15)
    - Fresh anchovies fried balls with tomato sauce (e. 16)
    - Scrambled bio eggs with asparagus and mint (e. 13)
    - “La Vignarola” broad beans,peas,artichokes, fresh onion and lettuce (e. 16)


    -Soup of the day (e. 14)
    -“Rigatoni –gricia” with bacon ,black pepper and pecorino cheese. (e. 15)
    - Linguine-pasta with daily fresh fish (e. 16)
    - Tagliolini with herrings and zucchini (e. 16)
    - Short pasta carbonara with asparagus (e. 16)
    - Extravirgin oil with home made bread (e. 5)
    - Tasting menu of our traditional dishes (e. 45)


    - Slow cooking pork loin with onion and plums (e. 20)
    - Baked lamb with juniper sauce and thin potatoes (e. 24)
    - Fillet of beef with rosemary, red wine sauce and thin baked potatoes (e. 26)
    - Veal trippa with tomato sauce,mint and pecorino (e. 16)
    - Beef carpaccio with artichokes,lemon and olive oil (e. 22)
    - Sweetbreads with ham and sage (e. 18)
    - Proposals of fish dishes(of the day) a.m.
    - A cod fish dish* (e. 20)
    * Dishes according to market offers


    -Mixed season salad with pomegranate (e. 10)
    -“Cicory” on frying pan with garlic and chilly pepper (e. 10)
    -Salad of artichokes with pecorino, honey and walnut (e. 13)


    -A selection of very special parmigiano 30 months with a glass of Lambrusco (e. 16)
    -A selection of very special fresh and seasoned pecorino with chutney, honey and dry fruits (e. 16)


    Home made desserts *

      * menu appart

  • Special selection dessert wines.
  • Sliced fresh season fruits (e. 10)
  • - Service 12%


What customers says

  • I just returned from Rome having read Diane Seed's book prior to my departure. I have lived in Italy in the past, was a former chef, speak Italian, and work in the travel world, and all I can say is for my last meal on earth I would request the Artichokes al Mattone at Evangelista for my piece of heaven on earth.

    Julianne Klein
  • Evangelista was recommended by two good friends in NY, who said this was their favorite restaurant in Rome. I ordered the artichoke al mattone, and it was wonderful. I had the lamb as a second, and my partner had the filet. Both dishes were excellent. Between courses, we were offered a tasting of olive oils. For dessert I had a delicious pear strudel and my partner had the home-made pistachio ice cream. The service was good and friendly. This is a must when you come to Rome.

    “This is a great restaurant”-
  • We chose this from our Fodor's book and it did not dissappoint. We were the only Americans in the place, which I took as a 'plus'. The restaurant is small and reservations are essential. The menu is hand written in Italian - and our very patient waiter said 'It looks like you could use some help' and then proceeded to go thru the entire menu with us. DO get the artichoke appetizer - it's fantastic. We had pastas and soup and homemade breads. My husband ordered a steak and described it as 'amazing'.

    “Great local spot in Rome” -